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Overall view, in situ (under glass)
Last Supper (tapestry)
Overall view in situ with added base
Statue of Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy
Overall view in the Hall of Animals
Mithras Killing the Bull
Overall view of altarpiece with predella base
Coronation of the Virgin with Vir Dolorum Predella
Overall view of eight of the fourteen fragments on display
Ascension of Christ [fresco fragments]
Overall view of monument in niche
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII
Overall view of single shaped panel with two scenes
Crucifixion with Saints and Noli Me Tangere
Overall view of the arched wall
Stanza della Segnatura: Disputa
Overall view of the octagonal domed ceiling
Apollo and the Muses [ceiling fresco]
Overall view of the panel; a mermaid swims ahead of the ship
Quaratesi Polyptch: St. Nicholas Appeases the Tempest of the Sea
Overall view of wall including window
Stanza d’Eliodoro: Deliverance of St Peter from Prison
Overall view showing unfinished back of the bust
Colossal Bust of Antinous from Villa Adriana
Overall view (with black background)
Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria
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